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Senior 1st line support

Job description: 

Customer Support is the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for our client IT End-Users worldwide to report IT related incidents, but also ask for support regarding IT Order or Access Management requests. 

As responsible for Level 1 support, the main targets are 70% solution rate in the 1st contact, fast answering time in the phone and high End-User Satisfaction. 

The duties and consequent knowledge of a Level 1 Support Specialist are wide-ranging due the fact the Customer Support function are responsible to provide Level 1 IT support for all IT Services and Application developed and/or hosted by the client. As also the support specialist IT Front-End to all End-Users in case of an IT Incident or Request, the support specialist also has a duty to make the End-User experience and interaction when contacting us as pleasant and effective as possible. 

Level 1 Support Specialists are in most of the time engaged in troubleshooting or (re)installing IT Applications or Services in order to solve Incident, but also has other administrative duties as supporting End-Users in filling or checking their Order or Access requests or participating in IT Projects or Assignments. 

The Level 1 Support Specialist is responsible for: 

  • Provide L1 support to all the clients IT End-Users: 
  • Quickly repair for applications (system/software) in occasion of hardware failure. 
  • Installation or re installation of applications (systems/software) and services. 
  • Support End-Users with their IT Order or Access Requests. 
  • To build a good knowledge about Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Networking and other in House application in order to solve the most common users problems. 
  • Improve end-user interaction and experience. 
  • Increase end-user satisfaction. 
  • Solve as many incidents as possible at L1 in order to provide a faster solution for our End-Users. 
  • Solve as many incidents as possible at L1 in order to allow our L2 and L3 specialists (other IT Areas) to focus on new solution or improvements. 

Follow our Incident and Problem Management processes, but also contribute to improve it; 

  • Feed our Knowledge Database in order to increase CS's capabilities to solve tickets at L1. 
  • Develop, improve and use social and other personal related skills to talk with. 

Required skills: 

  • Worked in IT Support at least 1 year. 

Start: Start of Jan 2019 

Location: Södertälje 

Work load: 100 % 

Working language: Swedish /English